What Is Your Personal Brand?

Posted on May 3, 2020

What does “Brand” mean to you? In answering that question, I’m sure most of us would immediately think about the identity or reputation of a company. Well, that’s only half of the story. Did you know that your personal brand is also just as important? Creating a personal brand can be an intimidating task, however, it is an essential tool that will help you stand out whether you’re applying for a job or starting your own business. If you need help jump-starting your personal brand, this week’s Valiant Viewpoint has all the tips you need.

1. Have a Niche Focus

Finding your niche helps you keep your message consistent and directed towards your target audience, this will make it easy for others to define your brand. Once your niche is established you want to make sure you continue to‍ educate yourself and stay up to date with all the new trends. Remember the more you learn the more knowledgeable you will be to others. 

2. Tell a Story 

Make sure your personal brand has a purpose. When others think about you, you want to be viewed as a trusted source of information for your particular field. Make personal connections with your audience through social media, videos and podcasts. Always engage your audience by leaving time for questions and comments, to strengthen a rapport. 

3. Be Kind 

Helping others in your same field not only helps you build your brand but it helps you grow an audience around your brand. Interact with others on social media and networking events. Remember trying to keep everything to yourself only harms your personal brand. Don’t be scared to send referrals and recommendations to others. Being genuine makes it easier to live by your brand daily. Always be authentic and be you. 

4. Build an Online/Social Media Presence 

Social Media has become one of the most essential marketing tools, and has forever changed the business world. Use it to your advantage! Increase your social media presence by posting relevant content that both informs and engages your audience. Always try to respond to followers and comment on your followers social media accounts. Maximize your exposure by creating shareable content that can travel beyond your timeline, and into the newsfeed of potential new followers. 

Don’t forget to utilize Google Business. Google Business is another platform for you to post content and engage with the consumers of your product or service. Also, utilize SEO to increase your brand visibility. Think about it, when someone first hears about your brand they will either google you or go directly to your social media. Your social media, website and Google Business should be up to date and consistent on all social media platforms. 

Remember a company’s brand is just as important as the person behind it. If you are ready to take your personal brand to the next level contact Valiant 3 Communications at brittany@valiant3communications.com or bethany@valiant3communications.com for more information or a consultation.

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