The Importance of Having Engaged Leads vs. A Lead

Posted on September 13, 2023

In the realm of business growth, leads are the foundation upon which success is built. Yet, merely having a list of potential contacts is like having a toolbox without a blueprint. The secret to unlocking the full potential of your leads lies in engagement – the art of turning casual interest into active participation. For example, an innocent bystander on the street is a lead. Why? Because they are someone you can contact. But those are everywhere. You want engaged leads. Let’s delve into a strategy that’s as effective as it is insightful: the Trial, Reveal, Upsell approach, a proven method to transform leads into loyal customers.


Trial, Reveal, Upsell 

  • Reveal the Problem


Every compelling narrative starts with a problem. It’s the hook that captures attention and taps into the reader’s or viewer’s emotions. When engaging leads, you must reveal a problem they can relate to – a challenge they might not even realize they face. The “aha!” moment when they identify with the issue is when your journey with them begins.

  • Sample the Solution


With the problem defined, it’s time to introduce a taste of the solution. This is your chance to shine a spotlight on what you offer – your core product or service. The key here is to provide enough insight and value to pique their interest, but not to give away everything. You want to keep them hungry for more, encouraging them to seek out the complete solution. For example, if it’s a product you’re selling, having a sample of the product is great but if they like it enough, it will surely run out and they’ll need more. 

  • Leads to a Bigger Problem


This is where the plot thickens. Once your leads have experienced a glimpse of the solution, it’s time to take them deeper into the story. Present them with the bigger problem – the consequences of not fully addressing the issue they initially identified with. This creates a sense of urgency and compels them to seek a more comprehensive resolution. Your company can use this to your advantage. You’re the experts now that have built up some level of trust and when the bigger problem arises, they now turn to you for the solution.

  • Sell the Bigger Solution


As your leads grapple with the magnitude of the bigger problem, it’s time to introduce them to the bigger solution – the ultimate transformation your product or service offers. Showcase how it not only addresses the immediate concern but also provides long-lasting benefits. Highlight the value they’ll gain, and how this solution can lead to an improved quality of life or business success. You can also think of this component as the “upsell”. No matter what your product or service, there’s normally something that goes in tandem with the offering you just got them hooked with. 


Choose Your Delivery Mechanism

The way you deliver your solution matters just as much as the solution itself. Whether through software (like an excel document or database), information (you teach them something), services (you do the work for free), or physical products (can hold it in their hands), your chosen mechanism must align with your audience’s preferences. A user-friendly interface for software, knowledge-packed resources for information, exceptional expertise for services, or seamless functionality for physical products – every interaction should exceed expectations.

  • Diverse Engagement for Services


For services, accessibility is the name of the game. Be available through various channels – Zoom, in-person meetings, extended hours, and across different days. The more accommodating you are, the more likely leads will become engaged customers. Personalization is key – make them feel heard and understood.

  • Simplified Products for Seamless Engagement


When dealing with physical products, simplicity is paramount. Ensure your offerings are easy to use, order, and access. Speedy delivery and packaging that’s straightforward to open add to the positive engagement experience. Also, the nicer the packaging, the more likely they are to hang onto it. More reminders of the value you’re providing to your customers and the likelihood they come back for more.

  • Providing Value Beyond Cost


Make your offer irresistible by providing more value than the cost of your core product. Give them a glimpse of your expertise, share valuable insights, and offer tangible benefits. Demonstrating your commitment to their success builds trust and increases the likelihood of conversion. Don’t sell them a “fluff” offer just to have them disappointed by the actual offer itself and what your company is providing to them. It’s better to leave it all on the line and give away your “secret sauce” if it means building trust. 


Crafting the Perfect Headline

Your headline is the gateway to engagement. It’s the first impression that sets the tone for the entire experience. A well-crafted headline followed by impactful images and a clear sub-headline creates an irresistible pull for your audience. Captivating their attention early on sets the stage for their journey through your engagement funnel. Don’t be afraid to test headlines with your audience. You can use polls, story question boxes, even send DM’s. Feedback will help turn a headline that has a 30% success rate to 70% quickly. 


Compelling Call-to-Action (CTA)

A clear CTA guides your leads to take the desired action. Use clear language such as “Call Now” and combine it with reasons to act immediately. Scarcity, urgency, and inventive incentives create the push needed to convert leads into active customers. Think of examples like batch products, increments of time to get the offer, certain day an offer expires, the offer itself, or even making up a reason…as long as there is one. 


In the world of business, leads are the seeds of potential success. But turning them into engaged, loyal customers requires a strategic approach that speaks to their needs, challenges, and aspirations. By employing the Trial, Reveal, Upsell approach and choosing the right delivery mechanisms, your engagement strategy becomes a roadmap to business growth. Remember, engagement is the bridge that transforms curious leads into devoted customers. Get after it!

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