Public Relations

Valiant 3 Communications specializes in maintaining a favorable public image for your business through effective communication strategies. We understand that your image, brand, story, and overall business success rely on the ability to communicate what sets you apart from the competition. Our team of experts is here to help you craft your story and deliver compelling messages that resonate with your audience. Our services include:

  • Media Relations: We have extensive experience in building and maintaining positive relationships with the media. Our team works closely with journalists, reporters, and influencers to secure media coverage that highlights your business and its unique value propositions. We help you navigate media interviews, press releases, and other communication channels to ensure consistent and favorable media exposure.
  • Crisis Communications: In today’s fast-paced world, managing and mitigating crises is essential to protect your reputation. Valiant 3 Communications provides strategic guidance and support during challenging times. We help you develop crisis communication plans, effectively address sensitive issues, and manage public perception to minimize damage to your brand.
  • Promotion: Our team develops comprehensive promotion strategies to increase your brand visibility and attract target customers. From traditional advertising to digital marketing campaigns, we leverage various channels to effectively promote your products or services. We tailor our approach to your specific goals and target audience, ensuring that your promotions are impactful and generate tangible results.
  • Storytelling: Captivating storytelling is a powerful tool for creating emotional connections with your audience. We work with you to uncover the unique aspects of your business and develop compelling narratives that engage and resonate with your target customers. Through storytelling, we help you stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on your audience.

By leveraging our expertise, we help you communicate your unique value propositions, establish a memorable presence in the minds of your clients, and ensure that you stand out in the competitive marketplace. Let us assist you in crafting your story and delivering messages that captivate your audience and drive business success.


Without Valiant 3 Communications running my day-to-day outreach on social media, I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my business goals. Their expertise of all online platforms is mind-blowing. Not only that, their work ethic, integrity and knowledge really set them apart from other PR companies! They’ve been a game changer for me!

Merril Hoge, Former Pittsburgh Steeler and ESPN Analyst

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