Restaurants And Social Media

Posted on April 2, 2020

Social media is a vital part in today’s world of running a business, especially in the restaurant industry. Many restaurant owners are still describing social media as intrusive, trendy and more for a younger generation, but what they are not identifying is that their guests are already talking about their experience on their personal social media outlets. Therefore, owners are better off joining the conversations and the social media world proactively. Here are a few tips on how to post successfully on social media for restaurants:

1. You’re not just selling food, you’re selling an experience

The best restaurants don’t just sell food—they sell experiences. For many guests, social media is part of the dining appeal. It allows guests to get a glimpse of restaurants before they enter, and in return, guests can share photos of their personal dining experience. Curating an active social media presence will turn casual diners into regulars at your restaurant. This also holds your restaurant to a higher standard of food presentation.

2. When it comes to photos, quality vs. quantity

Keeping social media posts consistent is key. Professional photos are necessary for your restaurant’s social media outlets. You know your food is good, but make sure everyone else knows with visually appealing photography. When customers visit your restaurant, they should have a good reason. There’s a new restaurant opening every day,so make a connection to your “food story” by having full menu photos and restaurant beauty shots to make your restaurant more appealing.

3. Loyal Customers increase overall brand loyalty

Think about how you feel when a Chef personally takes the time to ask how your meal was. Now, in this day and age that same feeling is achieved when you give guest mentions on your restaurants social media. Cross promoting your guests social media makes them feel as though they are a part of your restaurant. This makes them want to come back and bring friends with them to share their experience. Any customer who is willing to capture an image of their meal and distribute it to followers online is a potential brand advocate. As a restaurant owner, it’s your job to empower brand advocates and develop strategies to amplify their messages.

4. Show it all, the good and the bad

There’s always that one person who can’t be satisfied, and that same one person posts to social media HOURLY. If a guest has a negative experience at your restaurant, take it as a learning experience and a way to humanize your restaurant. Respond to their post, see if it can be made right and hope to see them again in the future. Although, be cautious that managers are responding to these particular posts. Keep it professional and concise.

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