New Client Spotlight: Draft 412

Posted on June 28, 2023

As sports fans, we are excited to introduce our new client, Draft 412, an e-Magazine that diligently covers all draft-worthy and sports related topics, favoring the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins. 


What is Draft 412?

Draft 412 is a focused and comprehensive digital magazine that caters to fans who crave in-depth and year-round analysis of their favorite sports teams. This e-Magazine features:

  • The latest news and updates on potential draftees
  • Exclusive interviews and podcasts 
  • Expert opinions and analysis on trades and free agency
  • Latest sports news from around the world 


Why You Should Follow Draft 412

In-depth coverage: Find everything you need to know about your teams’ drafts, from detailed analysis of each pick to how players fit into the roster.

Year-round updates: Enjoy continuous coverage to stay up-to-date, even during the offseason.

Engaging multimedia: Discover podcasts, videos, and images that bring each story to life.

Events: The team had their inaugural Draft 412 Party this past April to celebrate the NFL draft. Stay tuned for more events coming soon! 


Future Implications for Pittsburgh Sports Fans

So, what can we expect from Draft 412 in the future? For starters, they’ll continue to evolve with the fast-paced world of sports. As new draft picks join teams and shape the landscape of sports, Draft 412 will be there to keep you informed and engaged.

Since drafts impact every aspect of professional sports, Draft 412 will be an essential resource for fans seeking an edge in their fantasy sports leagues, or simply wanting to stay informed about the next generation of local sports heroes.

If there’s one thing sports fans share, it’s passion for our teams. Draft 412 is here to take on the challenge of providing comprehensive draft coverage all year long. Join me in celebrating this new client spotlight by subscribing to their e-Magazine and sharing their content! 

You can subscribe or check them out at:


How the Relationship Started 

Valiant 3’s relationship first began with Draft 412 by planning their inaugural Draft Party at Stage AE this past April 2023. The event featured a lively atmosphere filled with excitement and anticipation as fans gathered to celebrate the upcoming draft picks. 

Fans enjoyed various activities, including meet-and-greets with former players, photo opportunities, and delicious food. It was an incredible night full of inspiring stories and memorable moments.

Our relationship has now expanded to welcoming Draft 412 as a digital marketing client. We could not be more excited and look forward to this continued partnership! 

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