Meta Verified Accounts: What You Need to Know

Posted on April 19, 2023

What is Meta Verified?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that Facebook and Instagram have numerous bot accounts plaguing their timelines and poor customer service. Meta Verified accounts is a way to provide users with three key benefits that bots will not be able to access. The first would be account verification, this will occur once you complete the application process and provide a government-issued I.D. that matches the account’s user. With account verification you will receive a blue checkmark badge upon completion. 

The second feature would be proactive account protection. With Meta Verification you will begin to have proactive and ongoing account protection. This will include a 2 factor authentication process when signing into accounts to help avoid impersonations/hacking. The last exclusive feature would be direct account support. Once you are meta verified you will have the ability to chat directly with a real person for any questions or assistance you may require with your account.

In addition to the 3 main features, Meta Verified users will have access to exclusive features (ex: unique stickers) and each verified user will be allotted 100 stars per month to express support for creators. It has also been stated that those verified users will gain increased visibility on some parts of Facebook and Instagram.

How Much Does this Cost?

Meta Verified will cost USD 14.99 per month if you sign up on iOS/Android, and USD 11.99 per month if you sign up via the web. The cost is slightly higher in Australia and New Zealand—AUD 19.99 on web, AUD 24.99 on iOS/Android; NZD 23.99 on web, NZD 29.99 on iOS/Android.

A test of Meta Verified is currently running in Australia and New Zealand. Assuming Meta is happy with the results of this test, the feature will go out globally.

How to Apply?

Meta Verified currently has a waitlist for those who want to get verified who do not live in Australia or New Zealand. If you are currently a resident of either Australia or New Zealand you are able to skip the waitlist and apply for verification immediately. Below are the steps on how to apply for verification through a mobile device. 

  1. Confirm your Identity:
    • To be eligible both your Instagram and Facebook accounts need:
      • To include your full name
      • Include your full face in profile picture
      • Meet certain minimum activity requirements
      • Have a 2 factor authentication set up
    • You must be 18 years or older
    • You must have the ability to upload a photo of a government issued I.D. that matches the name associated with your profile
  2. Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts
    • If you haven’t connected your Facebook and Instagram accounts yet that must be completed before requesting verification. This can be done in the Meta Accounts center by following the prompts to add an account.
  3. Request Meta Verification
    • On the Instagram app, open your profile and tap Meta Verified. Choose the account you want to have Verified then click Get Verified. You then will tap the Pay Now button to initiate payment.
    • Once your payment is accepted you will need to double check that the following have been complete:
      • Two factor authentication is set up for both accounts
      • Your account details match your government I.D.
      • Your profile picture matches your government I.D.
      • You will then be prompted to upload the photo of your government issued I.D.
  4. Wait for Meta Verification
    • Once everything has been submitted you will have to wait for a Meta employee to manually review your identification. Once the review is complete you will get a notification through your profile that you have been verified. You will also see the blue checkmark appear next to your name and have access to the paid verification features.

Other Questions:

Meta Accounts that Were Already Verified:

Meta has stated that there will be no changes to the conventionally verified accounts, and that all blue badges will appear the same, the meaning of it will just evolve. In the future the verification badges may have different features or information shown that would allow a user to see how long the account has been verified and its follower count.

Is the Unpaid/Conventional Verification Still Available:

Accounts can still apply for the conventional verification globally through their account settings on Instagram.

Changing Your Name or Photo After Verification:

Meta has stated that any Verified account must show their full name on their profile. If this changes you would need to go through the verification process again. The re-verification process can take up to 48 hours. While it is being completed you would lose access to all Verified features. 

Verifying a Business Page/Profile:

Meta has currently stated that all business profiles are not eligible for Verification.

All in all the Meta Verified account process is still changing and in the testing phases. Hopefully this campaign will be fully launched within the next couple months and we can see the positives and negatives of becoming Meta Verified.

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