LinkedIn’s Evolution: How Recent Changes Impact Marketers and Sales Professionals

Posted on October 11, 2023

Staying updated on LinkedIn’s latest changes is crucial to ensure your strategies align with the platform’s evolving landscape. Below are the latest changes: 

  1. The LinkedIn Algorithm Evolution

LinkedIn has recently rolled out changes to its algorithm, emphasizing its commitment to fostering authentic, relationship-driven interactions. Here’s our take on the key shifts you should be aware of:

Engagement Matters: If you’re a frequent engager with specific content creators, you can expect to see more of their posts in your feed. On the flip side, if you’re a content creator or marketer, engaging with your most dedicated followers becomes pivotal to ensure they consistently see your updates. This update essentially rewards meaningful engagement over mere broadcasting.

Network Connections: LinkedIn is striving to mimic real-world networking by connecting users within 1-2 degrees of separation. For example, if Jerry interacts with a post, LinkedIn might show it to Judy, considering their previous collaboration. This feature aims to enhance the relevance of content to users.

Commenting Holds Weight: LinkedIn now places a strong emphasis on commenting when determining the relevance of content for its users. Regular posting and engaging in discussions can significantly boost your content’s reach.

Community-Focused Hashtags: Generic hashtags have taken a backseat, making room for community-building ones like branded event tags. This shift encourages marketers to focus on hashtags that foster a sense of belonging and engagement.

  1. Enhanced LinkedIn Search Features

Brand Partnerships Search: LinkedIn’s search features have been upgraded to facilitate the discovery of branded content partnerships. Users can now easily locate Brand Partnership posts within the LinkedIn Ad Library. This development benefits both brands and creators, offering insights into competitors’ partnerships and identifying potential collaboration opportunities.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: AI-Powered Search: Sales Navigator now features AI-assisted search capabilities. This tool leverages conversational prompts and AI algorithms to automatically filter leads and prospects. For instance, sales professionals can search for “marketing decision makers at LinkedIn on the East Coast with a 2nd-degree connection,” and the AI will refine results accordingly. This not only saves time but also uncovers high-quality leads and recommends warm connections.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Account IQ: Sales Navigator introduces Account IQ, which streamlines account research using AI. It consolidates information from various sources to provide a concise account summary. With a single click, sellers gain insights from public filings, financials, workforce trends, and leadership priorities. This one-stop-shop approach equips sellers with valuable insights for effective buyer engagement.

Our Take: These revamped Sales Navigator features are game-changers. For example, identifying past customers who changed jobs can unearth promising leads, and Account IQ simplifies account research for more productive conversations.

  1. LinkedIn Login Security Advancements

LinkedIn is stepping up its security game by introducing support for passkeys, a passwordless login standard employing public key cryptography for user verification.

Our Take: While the intricacies of passkeys might elude us, their potential in enhancing LinkedIn account security is undeniable. In today’s digital landscape, the benefits of stronger security far outweigh the minor inconveniences of logging in. Protecting your professional reputation from potential hacks is a wise investment.

In conclusion, staying up to date on LinkedIn’s updates is essential. The algorithm changes emphasize authentic engagement, while enhanced search features in Sales Navigator offer valuable insights. Plus, LinkedIn’s commitment to security ensures a safer online environment for professionals.


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