LinkedIn’s Algorithm Changes: How to Maximize Attention for Your Posts

Posted on September 6, 2023

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, has undergone significant algorithm changes that have transformed the way content is displayed and engaged with on its platform. In a recent interview with Dan Roth, LinkedIn’s editor in chief, and Alice Xiong, director of product management leading the search and discovery products, the intricacies of these changes were unveiled, shedding light on how to boost your content’s visibility and engagement. If you’re an entrepreneur or professional seeking to enhance your presence on LinkedIn, here’s what you need to know about these game-changing shifts that aim to foster meaningful interactions and knowledge-sharing, rather than superficial virality.

  1. LinkedIn’s Quest to Enhance Relevance and Value

LinkedIn’s user engagement has soared in recent years, driven by a 42% year-over-year increase in shared content and a 27% increase in content views between 2021 and 2023. The platform now witnesses a staggering three professionals joining every second. However, with this growth came challenges: a surge in personal content and attempts to manipulate the algorithm for increased visibility. Users started posting more personal photos and tried to gain quick likes and followers. Consequently, users expressed dissatisfaction with the content quality and requested more valuable, knowledge-based content. LinkedIn recognized the need to evolve its algorithm to prioritize informative content over viral posts. The result? A remarkable 80% reduction in complaints about irrelevant content.

  1. Fundamental Shifts in LinkedIn’s Feed

Your Followers See More of Your Posts

LinkedIn users have spoken, and their voices have influenced the platform’s algorithmic shifts. The feedback highlighted the value of content grounded in knowledge and advice, especially when shared by individuals they know and respect. This realization prompted a shift in the algorithm to prioritize content from connections that users have chosen to follow. As a result, LinkedIn has witnessed a 10% increase in views of posts from followed users.

Knowledge and Advice Take Center Stage

LinkedIn has introduced a crucial change that benefits content creators aiming to reach a wider audience. The new algorithm now evaluates whether a post offers substantial knowledge and advice. This evaluation informs the platform’s decision to show the content to users who are likely to find it relevant and valuable. The goal is to elevate content that aids members in becoming more productive and successful. The impact of this shift is evident, as LinkedIn has noted a nearly 40% increase in users engaging with content rooted in valuable insights from connections outside their immediate network.

  1. The Criteria for Identifying ‘Knowledge and Advice’

Discerning genuine knowledge and advice within a post is a complex task, but LinkedIn’s algorithmic approach is grounded in several key indicators:

Audience Relevance

Each piece of content caters to a specific audience segment. LinkedIn evaluates whether a post resonates with its intended audience and ensures that content reaches the right people.

Author Authority

LinkedIn now assesses both the content’s quality and the author’s expertise in the subject matter. This ensures that content comes from individuals who possess credibility and authority in the discussed topic.

Meaningful Comments

Gone are the days of simple engagement groups artificially inflating post comments. LinkedIn now values comments that contribute to the conversation. ‘Meaningful comments’ reflect genuine interaction and insightful reactions to the content.

Unique Perspective

LinkedIn’s algorithm identifies posts that offer unique perspectives or insights. It seeks to differentiate between generic information and content that originates from the author’s personal expertise and experience.

  1. Shifting the Focus: From Virality to Relevance

LinkedIn’s algorithmic changes aim to redefine success on the platform. Instead of pursuing mass likes and followers, LinkedIn encourages users to prioritize reaching the right audience. The platform envisions itself as a digital workplace, where each team has specific conversations that aren’t universally applicable. This analogy drives the point that not all content should have widespread virality. Instead, LinkedIn promotes content that fosters meaningful interactions within relevant professional communities.

LinkedIn’s algorithmic transformations herald a new era for the platform, emphasizing substance over superficiality and fostering valuable interactions within targeted professional circles. By focusing on content grounded in knowledge, expertise, and meaningful engagement, content creators can maximize their reach and impact on the platform. As LinkedIn aligns itself more closely with its users’ professional aspirations, these changes open doors for insightful conversations and genuine connections, propelling professionals towards greater productivity and success.

Remember, LinkedIn’s algorithm isn’t just about likes and shares—it’s about delivering value to the right audience, building a reputation as an authority in your field, and fostering genuine engagement that elevates your professional journey.

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