LinkedIn Updates Us Marketers Should Be Aware Of

Posted on August 9, 2023

Staying ahead in the fast-paced world of social media is vital for marketers, and LinkedIn, being a leading professional networking platform, continuously introduces new features and tools to meet the needs of its users. In this blog post, we’ll dive into some recent updates from LinkedIn that are so important for us marketers to be aware of.

LinkedIn AI Tools and Technology

LinkedIn is actively exploring the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance user experiences on the platform. One notable AI-powered tool is “Draft With AI,” designed to streamline the process of creating and publishing posts. Currently in beta testing, this feature can be found within the LinkedIn share box.

The “Draft With AI” feature prompts users to outline their thoughts, requiring a minimum of 30 words. Once the outline is provided, the AI generates a draft post, and users have the flexibility to personalize it further by editing the language and adding relevant hashtags. However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the AI may not precisely replicate your unique style or voice, often relying on technical jargon. Our advice…read it outloud before you publish it. You want your authentic communication style to be heard above all else.

In addition to aiding content creation, AI is being leveraged by LinkedIn to combat the issue of fake profiles on the platform. Through the deployment of advanced detection technology, LinkedIn has achieved an impressive success rate of 99.6% in identifying AI-generated profile photos. This proactive measure not only preserves the platform’s integrity but also fosters a trustworthy networking environment for its users and will be so important for future connections you build for your business and your clients.

LinkedIn Conversation Tools

Efficient communication is paramount for marketers, and LinkedIn acknowledges this by introducing new conversation tools to enhance user interactions. One prominent enhancement is the introduction of notification filters. Now, users can categorize their notifications into three groups: “All,” “My Posts,” and “Mentions.”

The “All” filter aggregates all incoming notifications, while “My Posts” narrows the focus to interactions related to the user’s posts. On the other hand, the “Mentions” filter allows users to quickly identify instances where others have mentioned them in their content. These filters empower marketers to prioritize and respond promptly to interactions that matter most, especially when managing multiple accounts like us at Valiant 3 Communications. This ensures that valuable brand mentions and meaningful conversations with potential clients don’t get lost amongst the notifications that are not as important, such as birthdays and work anniversary reminders.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn has been working hard to enhance its advertising capabilities. “Streaming Ads Placement” is a result of this. In collaboration with various streaming platforms, LinkedIn is currently testing an advertising product that enables marketers to serve ads to users directly through streaming channels.

This development unlocks exciting opportunities for marketers to engage their target audience in an immersive and captivating manner. Streaming ads have already proven to be an effective advertising method on numerous other platforms, and with LinkedIn’s professional audience base, this tool has the potential to convey brand messages to a receptive audience effectively and help you cater to the markets you align with.


LinkedIn continues to lead the way among social media platforms tailored for professionals. The introduction of AI tools and technology streamlines the content creation process for marketers while ensuring better control over their interactions. For marketing agencies like us who have a multitude of clients in different industries, managing all their channels, this is going to be super impactful to the success of our clients and ease the process that much further.

The conversation tools, particularly the notification filters, empower marketers like us to efficiently manage their interactions and prioritize meaningful conversations. No more overwhelming birthday messages to get in the way of us doing our job. Lastly, the experimentation with streaming ads showcases LinkedIn’s willingness to explore innovative avenues for enhancing advertising capabilities.

As a marketer, staying ahead of these updates is essential to unlock the full potential of LinkedIn as a marketing platform. Embracing these changes will not only streamline your marketing efforts but also enable you to connect with your target audience more effectively, leading to increased brand visibility and business growth. So, stay informed, adapt, and leverage LinkedIn’s latest features to take your marketing strategy to new heights! It’s go time.

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