How To Get The Most Out Of Linkedin Videos In 2020

Posted on May 3, 2020

When you think about making videos for a social media platform, you probably think about Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook – not LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for some people to use to make connections, sell products, and increase brand recognition. Video content needs to be slightly different on every platform, and the same goes for LinkedIn. As a B2B platform instead of a traditional social media platform, posting videos is a bit tougher. Even so, it is certainly something that you should consider.

Why Should I Use LinkedIn Video?

You should use the LinkedIn video platform for many different reasons. The first is that video tends to be the best way to connect with people. When you see someone speaking and hear their voice, you form a connection that is‍ different from what happens with a photograph. You should use LinkedIn Video to tell your story. You will be able to get more into a 30-second video than you would into a description. If you have some video editing skills, you may even want to add subtitles or text. Another reason to consider LinkedIn Video is that it is considered in the LinkedIn algorithm – if you want to show up in searches for specific things, you want to include a video in your marketing efforts. Finally, you can use LinkedIn Video to promote your products and/or services. Video is a great way to get them in front of people. They feel more connected to a product or service that they see – and are, therefore, more likely to act upon it. 

How To Get The Most Out of LinkedIn ? 

Now, you do have to be smart about how you use LinkedIn Video. You won’t get all of the benefits unless you do the right things. These include: 

Optimizing for mobile: Most people look at social media platforms, including LinkedIn, on their phones. You need to ensure that your video displays properly on phones. You want to use an aspect ratio of 1:2.4 to 2.4:1. You also want to check that the video plays correctly and quickly – people easily click away when something doesn’t look quite right. Finally, add subtitles so that people can watch when they are on the go. 

Stay short: People don’t really have a long attention span, so you want to keep videos short and sweet. You should keep it as short as possible without feeling too hasty. Try to get someone’s attention in the first ten seconds and keep the video under 2 minutes, if possible. 

Add links: Make sure that your description has links and you add links in the comments section. Videos only work if they have a CTA that brings people to whatever you want. Make sure to mention that you’ve put the link in the description so that people know where to go. 

Keep it professional: Remember that this is a platform for professionals – so keep it that way. If possible, use a high-quality camera and good editing techniques. Leave the silly features for someone else. 

If you need LinkedIn Video as part of your marketing campaign (whether you are marketing yourself or a product), it should be pretty self-explanatory why it is so necessary. Even so, you have to be intelligent and strategic about your plan of attack to get the biggest benefit of the service.

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