A Successful 2022 Holiday Toy Drive!

Posted on December 28, 2022

On December 17th, 2022 the Bus Stops Here Foundation celebrated their annual Holiday Toy Drive. The foundation worked with various non-profit organizations and companies to collect toys and clothes in order to serve over 200 families this holiday season. The Bus Stops Here Foundation made two stops on their toy drive tour: Twin Rivers Elementary School and the Jasmine Nyree Campus. 


At our first stop, Twin Rivers Elementary School, the Bus Stops Here Foundation teamed up with Dicks Sporting Goods and Our Kids Read to pass out food, toys, clothes, and books to 25 different families. Dicks Sporting Goods catered the event so each family received a home cooked meal. The lunch was followed by a giant celebration where Jerome Bettis called out each child and they received a toy off of their wishlist, a coat, scarf, boots, hat, gloves, a blanket, and more. 


Our second stop was at the Jasmine Nyree Campus, where the foundation helped support Joey and Christy Porter during their holiday celebration. The Campus hosted around 150 people at their Jerome Bettis Gym. The celebration included: music, food, toys, books, and so much more. The Bus Stops Here Foundation was so honored to take part in such an amazing event and help so many families in need.


Each year the foundation aims to serve families and children around the Pittsburgh area by collecting toys and clothes from different organizations and companies throughout the United States. We are so thankful for our volunteers, partners, and contributors that helped us make our Toy Drive a success. 


Didn’t get a chance to donate this year? Follow The Bus Stops Here Foundation on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook to stay up to date on news and numerous chances to donate. 


Want to be involved with the foundation? Contact Mia Marmion, the special events and nonprofit manager, at mia@thebusstopsherefoundation.org to find out chances to volunteer. 


The Bus Stops Here Foundation hopes everyone had a fantastic holiday season and can’t wait to see what 2023 has in store for us! 


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