2023 LinkedIn Content Guide

Posted on March 1, 2023

Maximize your LinkedIn presence for business growth! Learn how to craft compelling posts and make the most of organic content on your company page, from 10 easy-to-execute post ideas with actionable tips.

3 Considerations for Creating Successful Content on LinkedIn

You know what they say – proper preparation prevents poor performance! Before you get to the fun stuff, like drafting LinkedIn posts and engaging with others on social media, be sure that a solid framework is in place. Take some time to decide which topics are important for your audience: industry news? Company updates? Or maybe even customer stories that help bring your business to life. Once this plan of attack has been established, it’s much easier (and enjoyable) to maintain regular content intervals across all platforms.

Next, when crafting posts for your company page, think about how you can cultivate a voice that fosters community and inspires trust. 

Finally, if you want your LinkedIn posts to stand out in the news feed, here’s a formula to make it happen. Start with an engaging hook that explains how readers will benefit from reading your post; add content that encourages them to stay and read further; finish by giving viewers a CTA (call-to-action) like viewing a video or clicking on links – all directed towards achieving your marketing goals! 

LinkedIn offers a wealth of opportunities for businesses to showcase their original content. Get inspired with 10 inspiring ideas on how you can leverage the platform to reach and engage your target audience.

#1: Capitalize on “See More” Clicks in LinkedIn Text Posts

Posting updates on your LinkedIn page can be an effective way to engage with relevant audiences and reach business goals, but getting people’s attention in the news feed is key. Crafting strategic text posts are a great option if you’re looking for impactful ways to cut through digital noise – identify five core points that draw readers in and make sure they stand out effectively within the first few lines of your post. With this approach, each update will become increasingly more powerful as it reaches your desired audience!

Start by engaging your audience with an unexpected twist they can’t help but want to know more about – like a secret industry tip, or perhaps uncovering revolutionary ways to tackle problems. Utilize line breaks rather than long-winded blocks of text as this creates space and makes it easier/more enjoyable for readers.

#2: Encourage People to Share Their Thoughts via LinkedIn Polls

Looking for a smart strategy to make your LinkedIn posts stand out and get the results you want? Try introducing polls! Polls are an efficient way to conduct research, test ideas, or gain insights from followers. 

Ready to create a Poll? Just click the Poll button on your company page, fill in up to four answer options for them and select a timeframe. For extra interaction, try adding an “Other” option that lets people explain their choice in the comments! 

Get the conversation going with your polls – you’ve got 3,000 characters to add all the relevant details and give people an idea of what they’re voting on. Make sure to tailor your post for maximum engagement!

#3: Drive Inbound Traffic With Link Posts

Take your content sharing to the next level on LinkedIn with a link post. Link posts provide extra space for an attention-grabbing caption that directs viewers to compelling webpages – whether it’s your own blog, product and service pages or third-party sites like YouTube. 

LinkedIn has many strategies to make sure your posts reach the right audiences. To determine what works best for your company page, it’s worth experimenting with different linking tactics. Why not try creating an image post and including a URL in the first comment? With just one simple change you could see big results!

#4: Stop the Scroll With LinkedIn Image Posts

Ready to engage your audience? Publishing original images and graphics is the way to go! Showcase shots of your team in action, memorable moments at events or clear visuals that drive home what makes your product unique. Stock photos may be convenient, but going above & beyond with custom content ensures it stands out from the crowd – just like you do.

#5: Create Swipeable Document Posts

With an ordinary photo, you can only say so much — but with documents on LinkedIn, the possibilities are limitless! Build a multi-image post to captivate your readers and get them engaged; they’ll be able to easily scroll or swipe through multiple images that contribute to one compelling story.

To get started, select Add a Document at the bottom of screen and upload the file – be sure to make an impact by leveraging first-page content that compels viewers to take action! Consider downloading or sharing it on their own feeds for maximum reach.

#6: Leverage Movement in the Feed With Native Video

LinkedIn native video offers companies the perfect opportunity to tell their story and reach a larger online audience. With generous specs – 10 minutes using mobile, 15 minutes on desktop – content creators have plenty of options for creating engaging videos that will resonate with viewers. Plus, short-form snippets can actually be more powerful than longer clips when it comes to driving reactions, comments and shares! Remember: always include captions or text overlays so everyone can keep up no matter what sound environment they’re in. Test out different lengths today and see which one drives your company’s engagement goals best!

#7: Host Real-Time Conversations With LinkedIn Live

Take your presence on LinkedIn to the next level with livestreaming! With 24x more engagement than regular posts, broadcasting a live event is an unbeatable way for companies to interact directly with their audience. Plus, since events can last up to 4 hours long, you have plenty of time and room in advance to tease and promote your upcoming talk or panel discussion – giving followers all the incentive they need to join in on the fun!

On your company page, use LinkedIn post composer to select ‘LinkedIn Live’ from the format drop-down menu. Enter in all relevant details for your exciting occasion such as title, description and speakers – then begin promoting it with ease on social media outlets. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to set up that memorable gathering!

#8: Cover Complex Topics With LinkedIn Articles

Capturing complex topics in words rather than video? LinkedIn Articles offers just the outlet you need! Create original content or syndicate blog posts from your company page, with a note and link back to the source. And don’t forget about one of its biggest benefits: each article has a unique URL that can be shared across social media – giving extra visibility to both your published post  as well as your business page on Linkedin.

To publish an article, click the Write Article button below the Start a Post prompt on your company page. Add a title and type or paste the article text. You have the option to insert images or video content into the article, but you should definitely add a cover image. Optimize the cover image just like you would with a header image for your blog, as this visual element is key to driving clicks.

#9: Deliver Multiple Pieces of Content via LinkedIn Newsletters

Maximize your reach and build a regular readership with LinkedIn Newsletters! You can easily curate content weekly or monthly, delivering fresh updates straight to subscribers’ inboxes. Dish up rich material for the audience you’re targeting – that could be potential customers, investors, partners – then spread it further through company page posts. Everyone will know when something new is available; so start sending out those newsletters today!

#10: Share Content From Staff and Employee Profiles

Promoting your teammates’ content to the company page is a great way for employees to show off their thought leadership and creative projects. Just hit Share, select post as Company Page from the drop-down menu, and add an engaging caption that emphasizes why it’s important from your organization’s perspective. Doing so will help shine light on all of the groundbreaking work coming out of your team!

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