Personal branding is a bit of a hot topic at the  moment, and with good reason. Your personal  branding matters more than ever when it comes  to your online presence. If you Google yourself,  what do you see? What social media profiles pop up? Do you want people to see what you’ve been  up to online? […]

Jerome Bettis The Bus Stops Here Foundation

What is it?  The Jerome Bettis Bus Stops Here Foundation offers various educational, recreational, developmental, and financial assistance programs. Through these programs, we provide mentorship, guidance, coaching, training, resources, and more to the underprivileged communities.  Why did it start?  Jerome Bettis always wanted to lead by example. He believes in giving back to the communities […]

Marketing Guide for Holiday Campaigns 2022

It may seem too early to start thinking about social media marketing campaigns for the holiday season but it’s not! Any successful campaign takes a lot of planning, which helps to create an outline for the future. Starting to plan out campaigns months in advance allows you to have a clear idea of what content […]

Social Media Copywriting: 2022

We know that messaging is extremely important when it comes to your social media content but have you reviewed your approach and crafted a new strategy in the past year? Times have changed drastically since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the way people behave, communicate, and live their lives has also changed significantly as a […]

Building An Instagram Content Strategy That Lasts

Here is a three part strategy to help you build a long-term content strategy that works! By building an Instagram content strategy you can alleviate burnout and make sure your posts never fall flat. Step #1: What Content Do You Love to Make ‍ This is very important to figure out when creating your strategy. […]

The Growing Impact Of Influencer Marketing: Ft. Sammi Cohen From Fifth Season

This week we wanted to highlight a growing phenomenon in the Marketing space; influencers. The value influencers provide to any given business is largely impacting growth in a positive way. An influencer promotes a brand or business through their own social media platforms and allows the reach of a brand to be extended to their […]

Best Times To Post On Social Media 2022

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to posting on your social media outlets. Recently, SproutSocial, whose mission is to help organizations of all sizes become better marketers and create the world’s most beloved brands, released the best times to post on social media in 2022. The data collected was from 30,000+ of their customers […]


Why is logo design important? ‍ While logo design is only one part of a company’s overall branding, it can become your most recognizable asset. Creating the perfect logo that matches your company branding and goals can be difficult and take time to craft. Balancing the right colors, choosing the perfect typeface, and avoiding what’s […]

Social Media Rebranding

Before you start your social media rebranding campaign you must understand why you are doing it in the first place. The reasons behind your rebrand will affect decisions in the future, and if your reasoning is unclear then your rebrand will also be unclear. Below is a list of why a rebrand may be right […]

How Instagram Engagement Turns Users Into Customers

Instagram engagement is the first step to getting your audience paying attention and becoming interested in the content you post. Do you comment with action items for your users to respond to? Do you allow them a place to leave an opinion? Do you even ask for their opinion? Are they excited when you share […]